How To Use Split Screen On Samsung Galaxy S10

Split-screen multitasking functionality is beneficial on larger screen mobiles. You can use two applications simultaneously side by side to improve productivity, such as using WhatsApp and Facebook at the same time. Now let’s learn how Split Screen multitasking works and enable Split Screen on Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung had the multi-window feature for a long time. Chances are you never knew it. Here I’ll show you how to turn on this helpful feature that lets users split their screen in two and run multiple apps simultaneously!

Use Galaxy S10 Split Screen

  1. Run two apps together in one screen by using Split Screen on your Samsung Galaxy S10. To access the feature, Tap the Recent button appearing on the Navigation bar. Now hold Swipe Up to split the window vertically or horizontally based on how you want it arranged.
  2. Then find the app you want to use on top of your split-screen window by scrolling through Apps.
  3. Tap on any application icon which you want to use in split-screen. Press and hold the app icon. It will show you multiple options. Select “Open is Split Screen View”
  4. Now you can see your selected app on split-screen. This app will appear on top. Now click on the second screen to add another application. Choose the second application you want to use for multitasking. It will appear on the bottom screen.
  5. Both of the applications will be adjusted with equally distributed screens. If you want to increase any screen area, use the Gray bar, which appears at the center of both. Resizing Screen is simple, drag the bar fully upward or downward to increase or decrease screen size.

How to Deactivate Split Screen Window in S10

Deactivating split is very easy. To deactivate the Split Screen view, hold the grey bar showing between two screens. Drag it to the top or bottom. It will automatically deactivate the split-screen view.

All older Samsung mobile phone doesn’t come with split-screen feature. If you have an old version of Samsung mobile, you have to install an application to access this fantastic split-screen feature.

How to access Split Screen On Samsung Galaxy Older Devices

Do you have Old Samsung mobile and want to use multiple apps at a time? Don’t worry; we came up with a solution. Follow the steps below to utilize Split-screen functionality on old smartphones.

  1. Go to PlayStore and search “Split Screen App”.
  2. It will show you hundred of multitasking apps. Download and install one of them with max no of downloads and positive reviews.
  3. The app will automatically install on your Samsung Galaxy S10. When the installation is complete, an icon of the split-screen app will appear in the apps section. Now open the app and use multiple apps simultaneously.